Would you dare to go bare on your wedding day?

With the advent of social media and the rise of ‘selfie culture’, women have never felt more pressure to look picture perfect all the time. This pressure is at its highest on a woman’s wedding day.

What if a skincare brand could transform your skin and help you achieve a flawless, blemish free complexion?
How refreshing would it be to walk down the aisle and not be weighed down by layers of foundation?

Cleo is our #NoMakeUpBride and has taken on Nimue’s 12 Week Challenge to prove that flawless skin is all the makeup you need! The BIG question… Will she dare to go bare? Follow Cleo’s journey as she visually documents each step towards going foundation free on her wedding day.

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Meet our bride.

Cleo Le Roux
Age: 27
Occupation: Final year in Medicine
Skin Classification: Hyperpigmented
Wedding date: 16 December

Why I am taking on the challenge?
To be honest when I heard about the competition I thought it was to win free wedding skin care, which I was desperate for. When I found out that it was a foundation free wedding challenge I was intrigued to see whether the product would actually work. I am taking this challenge up because I'd love glowing, radiant skin on my wedding day where the photos last forever and the prize at the end is just the cherry on top.

How I feel about walking down the aisle foundation free?
It's daunting. Every woman knows how important this day is and that you want to look your best. I love photos, they are a permanent memory and that is a big aspect of our wedding. I am nervous that if I do not look my best, that those are forever. Although I am also excited to see what Nimue can do for me and my skin. I am ready to start this journey to walk down the aisle foundation free.